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Certification Programs

The CIS Department offers two Certificate of Achievement programs.

Application Developer Certificate

The Application Developer certificate teaches the Microsoft suite of development tools, which is an extremely in-demand job and skills skills set in the market today. Students taking these classes can obtain a free copy of the Microsoft Visual Studio suite because of the departments membership in the Micosoft Academic Alliance.

The following article from IT Management lists Microsoft .NET and SQL Server Development as among the hottest IT skills sought after today (PDF version of article). You can also search the leading IT Job Search web stie ,, for ".NET" or "SQL Server" to gauge the market demand for these skills. Below is a link to both searches for metro Detroit alone in the past 30 days. Note: this does not even include the Visual Basic and ASP positions one will skills in).

The Application Developer certificate consists of the following four courses:

  • CIS 111 SQL for Database Development
  • CIS 130 Visual Basic .NET Programming
  • CIS 132 Active Server Pages .NET Programming
  • CIS 215 Advanced Visual Basic .NET Database Programming

Web Development Certificate

The Web Development Certificate is designed to prepare graduates for an entry-level position as a Web Developer, Webmaster, Web Administrator, Web Programmer, Web Designer or Multimedia Developer. Web development is again listed as one the most in-demand IT areas in the IT Management article (PDF version of article) linked to above.

The Web Development certificate consists of the following seven courses:

  • ART 107 Photoshop
  • ART 108 Flash
  • CIS 122 Web/Internet Technologies
  • CIS 126 XHTML/HTML/CSS Web Programming
  • CIS 172 JavaScript Programming
  • CIS 222 Web Database Development With PHP
  • CIS 227 Dreamweaver Web Authoring