Computer Support Service Learning (CSSL)

The Henry Ford College Computer Support Service Learning (CSSL) program provides students experience performing professional computer support services, while at the same time helping HFC faculty, staff and the community.

Located in room T-189-A of the Technology Building, CSSL has three goals:

  1. Provide computer support to Henry Ford College faculty or staff member's home/personal computers
  2. Accept in donated old computers from businesses, refurbish the machines and re-introduce them to local community organizations, non-profit organizations and persons-in-need
  3. Provide students with practical, real-world experience working in a technical/PC support environment

Labor and time for computer services to HFC faculty/staff are provided free of charge. Labor, time and the computers for the community are provided free of charge. Costs only exist in cases where the customer requests additional hardware or commercial software.

Services Provided

  • Computer assembly, i.e. build a customer computer from scratch
  • Upgrade computer hardware, e.g. memory/RAM, hard drive, CPU/processor, graphics card, etc.
  • Install, configure troubleshoot and repair operating systems, e.g. Windows 7/Vista/XP, 9x, Linux, dual-boot, etc.
  • Virus, spyware, malware and rootkit detection and removal
  • Performance improvement, i.e. tuning and optimizing a computer system that has started to respond and operate slower
  • Security hardening, i.e. improving the security of your computer through measures such as stronger passwords, disk encryption, and personal firewalls.
  • Provide advise on computer decisions, e.g. purchases, upgrades, configurations, performance improvement, software, security, backup procedures, etc.
  • Data recovery and backup

* CSSL does not service HFC computers/equipment (contact IT Services), computers servers (HFC or non-HFC), or tablet hardware (tablet software is supported).

Community Service

CSSL seeks computer donations from individuals and businesses who wish to assist both the community and our students. Donated computers are serviced as needed (e.g. memory upgrade, performance improvement, software installations, etc.) and then re-introduced into the community through non-profit organizations and persons-in-need.

Making a Computer Donation

If you have an old computer(s) that you would like to donate to Service Learning, please contact: Donated computers should minimally be a Pentium 4 system or AMD Athlon.

Hours of Operation

We are hoping to have our grand opening in the Spring 2012 semester.

Service Agreement

Download Computer Support Service Agreement (PDF format)

Registering for the CSSL Class

If you are interested in registering for the Computer Support Service Learning class, apply to the college and then register for the CIS 299 course.. To find out what semesters "CIS 299 Computer Support Service Learning" is being offered, contact the CIS Department.