Degree Programs

The CIS Department offers three Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees.

Computer Information Systems A.A.S. Degree

A Computer Information Systems (CIS) A.A.S. degree is among the most traditional and popular computer degree chosen. Coursework in a CIS degree typically covers and provides students with excellent baseline skills and knowledge in all of the major IT specializations (i.e. programming, database development, system analysis, networking, security, operating systems, web development, etc.) through the program's "required" courses, while at the same time giving the students the ability to specialize within the degree by way of "elective" courses.

CIS A.A.S. degrees are traditionally also the most common chosen for students wishing transfer and continue their studies at a four-year colleges and universities. However, Henry Ford College has many excellent transfer and articulations agreements with four colleges and universities for all three of its degrees.

Among the most common careers/job titles chosen by graduates of CIS A.A.S. degree include: programmers, software developers, software engineers, systems analysts, business analysts, project managers, and IT consultants. The 2015 CNN/Money Magazine "Best Jobs in America" report reported 4 of the best 10 jobs in America as being IT jobs, with 3 of those falling under the area of a CIS degree: #1 - Software Architect, #2 Video Game Designer, and #8 Database Developer. The same has been true every year in recent history. Similar job market indicators have been reported by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth, and all the major mainstream news and IT industry sources. You can read more about the IT Market and employment reports under the IT Market/Careers sections of this web site.

Selected courses within the CIS degree include:

  • CIS 111 SQL for Database Development
  • CIS 125 Principles of Programming Logic
  • CIS 130 Visual Basic .NET Programming
  • CIS 220 System Analysis and Design
  • CIS 222 C#
  • CIS 171 Java Programming
  • CIS 271 Advanced Java Programming
  • CIS 270 Oracle

Network Administration A.A.S. Degree

The Network Administration A.A.S. degree is a new and flourishing degree at Henry Ford College. Those pursuing this degree learn how communication networks work, how to build and repair computers, configure and troubleshoot operating systems, install and troubleshoot Local Area Networks, administer Windows, Novell, and Linux servers, and install, configure and troubleshoot routers and switches.

Like all degree and certification programs in the CIS Department, the Network Administrator degree is very hands-on and will give students significant time with current industry computer and networking equipment. You can visit the Computer Labs link for more information on the facilities and equipment used in the department.

Among the most common careers/job titles chosen by graduates of Network Administration A.A.S. degree include: network administrator, LAN administrator, network operator, server administrator, network engineer, PC support specialist, and network architect.

Information on this field is also available in the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Selected courses within the Network Administration degree include:

  • CNT 110 CCNA: Networking Fundamentals
  • CNT 120 CCNA: Routing Protocols and Concepts
  • CIS 113 Wireless LANs
  • CIS 229 UNIX System Administration
  • CIS 124 Introduction to Windows Server Administration
  • CIS 157 A+ Hardware
  • CIS 129 Introduction to UNIX with Shell Scripting
  • CIS 295 Network Design and Implementation

Information Assurance A.A.S. Degree

As the world becomes more dependent on information technology, the security of information becomes critical. Henry Ford College is a member of the International Cyber-Security Education Consortium, and offers an interdisciplinary program leading to an Associate in Applied Science degree in Information Assurance that emphasizes technical security, ethical conduct, legal and regulatory compliance, law enforcement and development of strategic information security plans. Students complete an interdisciplinary core of study and can tailor electives to their career or transfer interest.

In April, 2006, the Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation (IACE) Review Committee of the National Security Agency's National Information Assurance Education and Training Program (NIETP) certified that Henry Ford College's Information Assurance courseware meets all of the elements of the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) National Training Standard for Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) Professionals NSTISSI-4011. The Henry Ford College Information Assurance program subsequently obtained CNSS 4013 recognition.

Selected courses within the Information Assurance degree include:

  • ARA 131 Elementary Modern Standard Arabic I
  • CNT 260 Network Security: Security + Prep
  • CIS-229: UNIX System Administration
  • CIS 280 Information Assurance and Security
  • CIS-296: Information Assurance Methodology
  • CRJ 134 Criminal Investigation
  • CRJ 234 Criminalistics: Criminal Investigation Laboratory Techniques
  • CRJ-235: Computer Forensics and Cyber Crime Investigations