Business and Computer Technology Division: CIS, Liberal Arts Building, and Cisco Computer Classrooms and Labs

E-194 Open Computer Lab

The E-194 open computer lab, located in the Technology Building, is intended for use by any student enrolled in the Business and Computer Technology Division to work on homework and other class assignments. There is a lab consultant available in the lab to help answer questions you may have on basic computer, printer and software usage.


This computer lab contains 60 computers and is open the following hours during the regular semester:

Spring 2018 Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Monday, Friday, Saturday

E-194 Open Computer Lab Software

The following software is available in the E-194 Open Computer Lab:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System
  • Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Expression Web
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft SharePoint Designer
  • Microsoft Game Studio
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Visual Logic
  • Turbo C++ compiler
  • Crimson, JGrasp, and Notepad++ Editors
  • Putty
  • SQL Server Enterprise
  • Internet Explorer and Firefox Web browsers
  • Snap Player (web browser plug-in used for CIS 100)
  • Jing App
  • Web Blender
  • Kidspiration/Inspiration (on 6 special computers)
  • Cisco Packet Tracer (on 6 special computers)

E-194 Open Computer Lab Policies

Please review and be aware of the following policies so that we can maintain a computer lab that is a productive learning environment.

  • E-194 open computer lab is for use by students enrolled in Business and Computer Technology Division students only.
  • You must sign-in with a Student ID card or present your Class Registration/Schedule to enter the lab.
  • Mute cell phones and pagers.
  • Make all calls outside the lab.
  • No food or gum.
  • Beverages/drinks must have lids.
  • 10 page print maximum per job. Business and Computer Technology course-related material only please.
  • Be sure you are aware of and follow the College's Acceptable Use Policy for computers on campus.

Liberal Arts Open Computer Lab

Computers in the K building computer lab are located on the third floor of the Liberal Arts Building and have the Microsoft Office installed on them, in addition to a variety of software for business courses and uses, such as:

  • GDP Online Keyboarding
  • Peachtree Accounting
  • Quick Books
  • Microsoft Expression Web
  • Simply Accounting
  • SouthWestern Accounting v8

E-199 Computer Classroom (reserved for classes)

This computer lab contains 22 computers and is equipped with a ceiling projection system, remote control software, and removable hard drives so that each student can setup and maintain their own operating system. Among the courses typically taught in this lab are:

  • CIS 100 Introduction to Information Technology
  • CIS 105 Desktop Operating Systems
  • CIS 129 Unix Shell Scripting
  • CIS 158 A+ Operating Systems
  • CIS 211 Web Server Administration
  • CIS 229 Linux/Unix System Administration
  • CIS 299 Special Topics: Mobile Application Development


E-197 Computer Classroom (reserved for classes)

This computer lab is specifically designed for networking and server classes. It contains its own network domain, as well as removable drives. The following courses are typically taught in this lab:

  • CIS 112 Introduction to Networking
  • CIS 113 Wireless LANs
  • CIS 114 Introduction to Novell NetWare Administration
  • CIS 124 Introduction to Windows Server Administration
  • CIS 212 Networking II
  • CIS 270 Oracle Database Administration


T-193 Computer Lab (reserved for classes)

This computer lab is specifically designed for the capstone Network Administration A.A.S. degree CIS 295 projects course and capstone Information Assurance A.A.S. degree CIS 296 capstone projects course and contains a vast array of client machines, servers, and network devices.


E-193-A Computer Lab (reserved for classes)

The E-193 A computer lab is used for the A+ Hardware courses.

E-193AE-193-B Computer Classroom (reserved for classes)

The E-193 B computer lab is used for the A+ Hardware courses.


E-189 Computer Classroom (reserved for classes)

This lab is used for the A+ Hardware and Networking courses.


E-183 Computer Classroom (reserved for classes)

This lab is used largely for the Pre-Education Instructional Technology courses, CIS 221 and CIS 223. Specialized educational software is installed in this lab that is not available in the other labs, except for five computers in the E-194 open computer lab. This software has included: Media Blender, KidPix, Kidspiration, Inspiration, and Movie Maker.

This lab is also used for an Information Assurance/Criminal Justice course, CIS 100 Introduction to Information Technology course, CIS 111 SQL for Database Development, and CIS 222 Web Database Development with PHP sections. This lab also contains a B&W and color printer.


E-192 Computer Classroom (reserved for classes)

The E-192 computer lab is used for a variety of CIS courses, including: CIS 125 Principles of Programming Logic course, and CIS 111 SQL for Database Development.


E-237 and E-239 Computer Classrooms (reserved for classes)

Computer classrooms E-237 and E-239 are located on the 2nd floor of Technology Building and are used primarily teach programming and web development courses. These courses include:

  • CIS 111 SQL for Database Development
  • CIS 122 Web/Internet Technologies
  • CIS 123 Web Pages
  • CIS 125 Principles of Programming Logic
  • CIS 126 XHTML/HTML/CSS Web Programming
  • CIS 130 Visual Basic .NET Programming
  • CIS 132 Active Server Pages .NET Programming
  • CIS 170 C Prorgamming
  • CIS 171 Java Programming
  • CIS 172 JavaScript Programming
  • CIS 215 Advanced Visual Basic .NET Database Programming
  • CIS 232 C# Programming
  • CIS 271 Advanced Java Programming


Lecture Classrooms

CIS also uses the following lecture classrooms for courses such as CIS 100 Introduction to Information Technology and CIS 220 Systems Analysis and Design. These rooms are equipped with ceiling projection systems and an instructor computer.

  • T-185 Classroom
  • T-187 Classroom
  • T-141 Classroom
  • T-143 Classroom

Cisco Department E-135 Computer Lab (reserved for classes)

The E-135 and E-238 computer classrooms are used to teach courses in the Henry Ford College Cisco CCNA and CCNP certificate program and Network Administration A.A.S. degree. Among these course are: CNT 110 Networking Fundamentals, CNT 120 Routing Protocols and Concepts, CNT 210 LAN Switching and Wireless, CNT 220 WAN Technologies, CNT 260 Network Security: Security + Prep, and CNT 270 CCNA Security.


Cisco Department E-238 Computer Lab (reserved for classes)